Jungle love in Guatape, Colombia

by Diana Proemm

On our last day in Guatape, Colombia, Trevor and I decided to take a four mile hike near town. We decided it would be a good idea to get some exercise before boarding a two hour bus back to Medellin later in the morning. The allure of immersing myself in nature always calms me, especially before departing onto the bus system in this country.

My favorite part about hiking so far in Colombia is how green the wilderness is. It it so calming and quiet. Getting out here we followed directions written from a local hostel and we had to go through locals land to get here. We jumped barbed wire fences, walked by cow and horse pastures, spider webs and needed to cross the stream several times before finding ourselves below the fall. Needless to say my anxiety was on alert as I didn’t want to get in trouble or most importantly lost. After it’s all said and done and we make it back safely, I am  thankful as I feel blessed to have these opportunities and hope to one day share these special spots with others. The reward of your efforts does not suck either.

The hike in and out landed views of Guatape and “La Piedra Del Peñor or the Rock” and the lake. Despite the cloudy/rainy weather and smoke filled clouds, it was a good morning to in nature.

Diana is an adventure photographer traveling whenever and where ever she can.  The Bigger Picture  uses my love for photography to capture real people using recreation to gain wellness and happiness. Diana Proemm is a Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist (CTRS) with a photography and travel problem. She provides RT consulting and photography services throughout the USA and beyond.

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