Guatape, Colombia Hiking and Biking

by Diana Proemm

Guatape, Colombia is a quiet little town along a damned lake. The town is filled with colors along it’s buildings and streets. Trevor and I recently stayed here for three days. There is a large rock formation similar to Devils Tower and much smaller called the The Rock of Guatape or La Piedra Del Peñol in Spanish. We scaled this bad boy in no time and despite Trevor’s sour face after 740 steps to the top, it was not that bad and offered fabulous views of the lake and area.


The following day we came across what sounded like a sweet bicycling and hiking tour. After morning yoga with JC, he turned into our bike guide and we were headed to San Rafael which is 27km downhill of Guatape. The routed started on the edge of town and we cycled straight along the road with 4 hill climbs equalling around 1/4 of the way. After our group of six total plus our guide JC reached the top of the last hill, the downhill fun was to begin! We descended around half way and met up at a trailhead to a waterfall.

It was lovely jungle hiking and as it was a little remote we had the falls and swimming pool to ourselves for the afternoon. After our dip we hiked back out to the bikes and descended the rest of the way to San Rafael. The road down was extremely windy and so much fun to ride down. After arriving in town we all had dinner, then caught a ride in the back of a pick up truck/slash meat wagon to take us back to Guatape in the dark.

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 3.50.20 PM

We took the following day of our biking adventure to lay low as we were quite sore and tired from our previous days excursions and wandered around town and took a little scenic boat ride on the lake. Unfortunately the weather was not great, but as you can imagine, it didn’t stop us from adventuring.


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