Enchanted Rock, Texas

By Diana Proemm

There is a place north of San Antonio, Texas that reminds me of Moab, Utah only in smaller form and they call this place Enchanted Rock. Trevor and I visited here last week while he was here on a short visit. We chose to arrive early to beat the afternoon heat, and were delighted with stunning views of “hill country.” Enchanted Rock is a large piece of batholith granite that spans 62 square miles, most of it underground. As you drive to the park you can see the gigantic dome soaring in a distance.



The hike to the top of the rock took around 20 minutes walking along the  wildflowers, and prickly pear cacti as they were in full bloom and creeping out the rock. 360 degree views of the surrounding area were delightful to the naked eye. After exploring the top we meandered down the rock around the back to small rock climbing area where we set up to climb some granite rock.



We spent the latter part of the morning climbing some rock, on some 5.7 to 5.9 routes and then headed out before the heat truly set into the area.



This is a fairly remote, but beautiful place to visit, make sure to bring water! Until next time friends. 🙂

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