Capturing Nature

by Diana Proemm

As I recently moved to the big city of San Antonio, Texas, I am having to change my focus on how I view things. I try to find beauty in the people I meet, and the places I go. The stunning mountain vistas of Montana are no longer a part of my life, and I struggle with finding motivation to take photos. I heard once, that you take photos of what you don’t want to lose. Every day I find that our natural landscapes are disappearing and when you look out your door you see rooftops and other houses sneaking out beyond the trees. It breaks my heart because I know if this does not stop, soon our natural landscape will disappear, and ability to breath clean air will diminish killing us a slow death. I guess I am not into raping land and building a big monstrous house, that has more space than what we know what do with. Many people call this progress and I call it BS. This is a huge soap box for me as I have watched some of the most beautiful areas in Montana become raped and pillaged to build oversized houses that people only visit once or twice a year.

So, I continue to watch ‘progress’ happen in San Antonio and notice the wild lands disappearing into cookie cutter neighborhoods that lack creativity. I find myself escaping into small wilderness areas surrounded by big houses, to find a smidgen that is left here in a natural state. There are some beautiful natural green spaces around the city, and I’d like to share some of the beauty with you.




Nature has an uncanny knack to make me feel humble in its surroundings. It truly makes me sad to see our wilderness and trees dying and disappearing due to carbon monoxide, global warming, etc. I am concerned about our future, for the people and the forests in this country. Here in the city, I see people walking around like zombies, frequenting fast food chains and filling their bellies with genetically modified food filled with processed crap and then go sit on their couch and watch TV. I’m sorry if I am stereotyping, but it’s what I see now in the masses. I’m not used to this as in the little town of Bozeman where I hailed the last eight years, people were active and ate healthy, and it’s culture shock to see such a different way of life.




Next time you’re feeling blue, having anxiety build up or need some down time, explore your local forest or nature center. Notice how you feel after your visit. If you feel more grounded and calm, then mother nature has done it’s work. Take a deep breath and enjoy life.

Diana is an adventure photographer traveling and exploring wildernesses and forests whenever and wherever she can. 

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