Back in the USA

By Diana Proemm

Greetings friends!

I have returned to the good ‘ol US of A recently and have enjoyed catching up with family. I left Colombia and Trevor behind (temporarily) to start my new adventure in the concrete jungle of San Antonio, Texas. I received a contract job to provide recreation therapy to people with disabilities. I currently have  9 clients with 25 hours a week of services. There is a lot of driving but think that will settle down once I don’t miss roads, exits, etc. My suby is handling well, but does not have the ‘get up’ that I would appreciate having when needing to excel onto the highways…she is beast on winter roads, but entering highways… not so much.

After I came home and dealt with numerous things that you do when re-entering the country after being gone for so long, I had some time to spend with my family. My niece Annie lives close to my parents so it was fun reconnecting with her as well and learning about her upcoming ventures to go to school in New York City for awhile.

Thankfully, I have an adventurous mom who road tripped with me from Ohio to Texas. Our route consisted of a two day stop in Columbus to visit my nephews and great nieces and nephews. And a bonus trip in the 220 Mercedes Benz my dad and brother fixed up years ago. My nephew Joey purchased it from my dad and is keeping it in the family.

And the next stop was Atlanta for a weekend filled with shopping with my niece Arianna and her mom. Let me tell you how nice it was to have a few new pieces of clothing after wearing the same thing for around six months.

2016-04-23 08.12.49

Our last stop on the road trip south was to New Orleans, another town on my bucket list. Here are a few images from our adventures.

Now, after six months of travel to Central and South America, I am starting to settle into San Antonio. Thankfully, I have been able to stay with my cousin Joe and his wife (I was a flower girl in their wedding in 1974). They are conveniently located to my clients and so it has been a blessing to stay with them, reconnect and have some time to look for a place to move into. The best part of starting my job, was spending the day at Sea World.

And… not to forget to mention that I have found some trails to hike around town and hill country which always makes me a happy lady! And a finisher of pig racing.

Diana is an adventure photographer traveling whenever and wherever she can.  The Bigger Picture  uses my love for photography to capture real people using recreation to gain wellness and happiness. Diana Proemm is a Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist (CTRS) with a photography and travel problem. She provides RT consulting and photography services throughout the USA and beyond.

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